Centenary Painting of Maharajah Restored

6/27/2015 2:15:15 AM

The exquisite oil painting of Maharajah Duleep Singh commissioned in 1993 to celebrate the centenary of the Maharajah’s death has been restored to its former glory after years in storage.

Artist Anthea Durose reunited with her masterpiece

The exquisite oil painting of Maharajah Duleep Singh commissioned in 1993 on the Centenary of Maharajah Duleep Singh's death has been restored to its former glory after years in storage.

The oil on canvas painted by the renowned artist Anthea Durose to mark the Maharajah's death was on display for may years at the Ancient House Museum at Thetford before lack of display area had forced it into storage.

The artist in 1993


The painting was reunited with its maker, the Suffolk based portrait artist in 2012, and was carefully cleaned to its original glory. Housed in a 200 year old frame, the painting would not look out of place from the walls of any stately home or royal palace.

The work of art depicted the Maharajah in middle-age and was modelled on an earlier photograph of the Maharajah taken in 1859 by the royal photographer John Mayall. Most paintings of the Maharajah are of him as a boy or a young man, so it was decided a more older Maharajah depiction would be more suitable for the commission.


The painting standing next to the original preliminary pastel sketch


The artist had made studies with preliminary sketches in chalk and pastel. Amongst them is an impressive chalk sketch of Prince Frederick Duleep Singh in full Norfolk yeomanry uniform.

The painting for a time was reunited with its draft pastel sketch (photographed below), and it is understood that all three pieces of art will go on display at a Sikh art exhibition in the future.





  • Raminder Singh Dhadli (USA)
    4/26/2014 2:48:49 PM

    The restored portrait of Maharaja Duleep Singh looks great.It reveals the artistic genius of Anthea Durose.

    4/24/2014 8:14:25 AM

    I am a regular reader of these column ,always I find a new and very very valuable Information about the Great Maharaja Duleep Singh ji,I am ver thankful to Artist Anthea Durose, for giving us a Masterpiece ,the painting of Maharajah Duleep Singh Thanks once again to the taem And The painter. -SATPAL SINGH (Chandigarh-India)

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