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  • U Gobbe (USA)
    7/11/2010 4:36:25 AM

    Is there more information available about Bamba's mother Sophia like her full name, where she was born, what ethnic group(s) she came from and how she ended up being a slave.

  • Mohinderpal Singh Sarang (Leeds, UK)
    8/28/2009 12:05:15 PM

    A massive BIG thanks from all our family for bringing us your latest book: 'Sovereign, Squire and Rebel: Maharajah Duleep Singh and the Heirs of a Lost Kingdom'. Your hard work reflects in the precious pages of this book. In my opinion, this is probably the best ever written book about Mah. Duleep Singh that we have ever read. The information, references are in perfact order. I love the way you placed the pictures in order with the text, just superb. May Waheguru ji bless you and may you write many more wonderful books. Trillions of thanks.

  • dev deol (Vancouver,canada)
    8/13/2009 8:52:20 AM

    Hi Love your site, it would be good if you could build upon your success by looking into the history of the femilies, the workers and their decendants at Elveden hall. There is also alot of Sikh art and weapons in UK, there is a small shop next to Christies Auction -Trafalgar square, thats selling original sikh kangra 1840 art ??!!? The royal armoury also has a huge collection of weapons, guns flags and drums from the 1st 2nd sikh wars. theres also endless number of decendants of the maharaja ranjit singh and the gurus like Mir mians decendant, or the Bhattis, the family that employed Guru nanaks dad, Faqir Khana Museum, Lahore that have amazing treasure troves. whats the next part of your project ?

  • Khushwant Ahluwalia ()
    8/1/2009 4:48:40 AM

    Sir Lepel Griffin writes that Duleep Singh was not Ranjit Singh's son. Any evidence to counter his argument?

  • tejveer singh nandra (hounslow)
    7/28/2009 7:11:39 AM

    i have been looking at sikh history as a hobby to see what my sikh history have done thank you for this website where i can learn about are last king.. but shouldnt the english goverment hand half the rights of the crown to the sikh commuinty as that stone belongs to the sikhs.